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Want your own label?
Leave us the risks and costs of production and distribution and you think only at the salling!

Make beer requires experience, time, hard work and sacrifice. It's important to have adequate space and equipment, as well as compliance with different bureaucratic procedures.

We do already for our brewery. Take advantage!!

Trust us for these administrative and programming production.

Meet and talk!

We design together the beer that you think might be best for your distribution and your territory.

Or we study how to implement your own recipe.

Let's meet, let's go and see ...

Call for an appointment:

Maurizio: +39 (0) 393 990 1866

Stefano : +39 (0) 392 872 4538

Cecilia:    +39 (0) 347 306 8832

Start a cooperation could become your main business!

We already produce for

- Established breweries
- Retailers
- Foreign importers
- Private
- Restaurants
- Festivals and local events
- E-commerce

There are basically two ways of working:

- We can work on your recipe
- You can book part of our production

In both cases, there are minimum conditions for the rest:

- labels
- capsules
- cartoon
- timing

Let's meet and talk
We will put at your disposal our experience and especially our supplier portfolio.

You can also drive the choice of materials or accessories on how to communicate the handmade product
We can be serious and reliable partner for your commercial project.
See the production process!
"Rhyton's small shop"
RHYTON's Beer Shop
Easy, safe ... buy directly

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