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Know-how, modern creativity for six types of beer!

The water of the Apennines, the organic spelled the Val Bisenzio, herbs of the mountains, honey and chestnut from productions of excellence in the area.

In Vernio, in the heart of the Tuscan Apennines between Florence and Bologna, the workshop Rhyton creates craft beers are always unique rediscover ancient flavors and enhancing ingredients of our land and fair trade products.

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The best-selling, the most desired

Inspired by the ancient art of brewing Sumerian has always been our UR is the more waiting beer.

Balanced, drinkable, you can not run straight hit.

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Wild and ignorant, is the beer of the forest

Smooth, complex, finely fruity. Beautiful profile of smoked roast chestnut, slightly tannic with hints of underbrush.

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The Apennine's beer

Beer spelled in Val Bisenzio, flavored with spices and herbs that grow in our places.

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Sinful, lustful, aphrodisiac, almost a beer prohibited

More than beer is barley wine.It's dedicated to Bastet, Egyptian god represented by the "lucky cat". For the Egyptians cats were sacred also because were saving the crops from the invasion of mice. In addition, the honey beer was the Pharaoh Royal Beer. 

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Elegant, sharp, it's just beer 

Great malt profile balanced with hops. Delicately fruity, very clean and clear.

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Tua Birra Scopri come


Your pizza is worth more!

We thought this ALT! just as perfect beer to pair with the pizza ..... (pizza and beer) we go Crazy .....

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Almost as a joke and with passion.

Maurizio the brewer, Stefano the "logistic", Cecilia with years of experience in managing a family business.

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 Guarda chi siamo


Slow and precise, accurate and fast

A brewer expert and precise attention to detail and the highest yield in the vat and bottled. The others, the disciples who follow his philosophy.

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