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Bastet beer gelatin

Ingredients: Rhyton's Bastet beer, sugar, and fruit pectin.

Better served with medium-matured cheese, and delicate, tasty cold cuts.



It's actually barley wine rather than beer. There's an Egyptian deity dedicated to Bastet, symbolized by a lucky-charm cat. In ancient Egypt , cats were held sacred because they saved crops from the invasion of rats and mice. Beer made from honey was also a royal type of beer, the Beer of the Pharaohs. Bastet is made with malted barley, wheat, and honey from our own Tuscan Appennines; its taste is elaborate, sweetish, spicy, and sharp. You can readily smell the presence of alcohol, it's of medium body, with a moderate amount of carbonation and foam. Phenolic, fruity, and pungent, sweetish and yet well-balanced by a healthy hop seasoning that gets it dangerously flowing. It's a heady beer, and a drinker's delight.

Capacity: 750 ml
Colour: rame
ABV: 8,0 %

Pairings: great at meals' end, coupled with cheese and jam, or as an after-dinner drink, better when accompanied by a good cigar. Ideal serving temperature: 14° C.




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