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What's Beer

The beer is simply an infusion of fermented malt and flavored with hops.


Barley, having notenzymes, is not suitable for making beer. For this is transformed into malt through germination and subsequent drying and/or roasting. The grains of malt and grain are milled and mixed with hot water, where the starch is dissolved. With the temperature control these starches are converted into sugar, producing the so-called sweet wort. The sweet wort is filtered through its peel, then boiled and flavored with hops. The new wort is cooled and the yeast is added, we kick off the fermentation. Completed fermentation, which lasts more or less a week you switch to aging that can be bottled or in pressure kegs. Beer can be consumed after a long time (if kept cool) but gives its best if consumed within the times that are specific to each style.


Processo Birrificazione






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